Hydrogen at sea – a building block in transition

Hydrogen will play a role in future energy storage and transport. We believe the generation of hydrogen offshore will provide the best combination of energy generation, storage and ultimately transport to the users.

In this new field H2SEA is determined to offer reliable and cost effective concepts to combine with offshore renewable energy projects. Our current range of application is from 100 MW, 200 MW to 500 MW, and beyond, of electrical installed power for the central solution on a single platform. For de-central solution, hydrogen generation at each turbine, we are developing solutions as well.

Our designs and technology align well with the energy transition ambitions as recently published for offshore wind. For instance for The Netherlands running up to, and beyond, 70 GW.

Concept – Aided by simplicity

Energy, electricity, from renewable sources is converted to hydrogen using electrolysis.

Main objective in energy conversion offshore is high reliability and cost effectiveness. Design decisions are a fine balance between Operational Expenditure (OPEX) requirements and CAPEX requirements. H2SEA works with the approach of minimum intervention levels achieved by low complexity in the overall design for either the main process or the supporting utility processes. In the same effort we aim to achieve low initial investment levels.

Moreover H2SEA aims to provide the full suite of services including planning, design, build, install and hand-over to operations.

Scope and Scalability

Our scope is to aid developers and operators in planning, design, building and delivering. This includes the offshore facilities as platform, pipeline and cable connection.

Hydrogen production requires thorough insights into the the behaviour of the electrical (HV / LV ) system together with processing (H2 and O2) and utilities. Off-grid electrical stability with the variability of wind energy for reliable production is our challenge and we do that with a team of highly skilled engineers in the different disciplines.

Building on the the basis of a cost effecitve concept we provide a reliable design and the ability is created to scale to large capacities.

Our scope of electrical, processing, structure and pipelines in the concept

Sizing for future

Future demand for on demand supply of hydrogen will require infrastructure and increased conversion capacities. For near shore wind parks an electrical cable seems most effective, as long as grid connection is available and its stability is not comprimized. Already here hydrogen may play a role, the real value however in larger distances to the onshore grid connection of a wind park. In such cases energy transport of hydorgen via pipelines has already been shown to more effective than using cables. Adding the benefit of storage for short or long periods, completes the case for hydrogen.

H2SEA will endeavor to provide the knowledge, services and project management to support economics for hydrogen developments by extending our concept range further with firm pricing for execution. Site specific data and distance to electrical connections and pipelines have a direct impact on the business case, please contact us for assistance.