H2SEA achieves breakthrough in off-grid offshore hydrogen production 

Off Grid Schematic

A key challenge in Green Offshore Hydrogen production is maintaining the stability of the power system where the Hydrogen Production System is supplied from an Offshore Wind Park without a grid connection. Future wind farms dedicated to Hydrogen Production will not have grid connections and cannot rely on the grid to provide inertia and maintain grid stability. The low-inertia grid makes the system sensitive to disturbances which may lead to instability. 

H2SEA was asked by a client to develop solutions for the increasing need of offshore, off-grid system stability. Although future Wind Turbine Generators (WTG) are believed to be grid-forming, current WTG’s are not. 

Three potential solutions were developed by H2SEA and have been analysed in an Electro Magnetic Transient (EMT) study together with high voltage engineering specialist Enersynt.  

The preferred solution showed feasibility using conventional Wind Turbine Generators in a system with grid-forming converters and Energy Storage. Although H2SEA’s solution already works with a reduced Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), the future ambition is to design without. 

H2SEA and sister engineering company Enersea, will continue its own research programme and research on behalf of clients to find smart and cost-saving solutions for offshore hydrogen production.