H2SEA lectures at H2Makers event at TU Delft

Tom Evertse, Technical Consultant Offshore Hydrogen at H2SEA, presented on the H2Makers Meet-up at TU Delft themed Offshore Hydrogen Production on June 27.

The event focused on technologies and requirements for offshore hydrogen production, drawing significant interest from Energy companies, Regulatory bodies, Hydrogen start-ups and South Holland’s manufacturing industry.

Evertse outlined the technical challenges associated with four main hydrogen production subsystems, namely electrical systems, water treatment, cooling systems and hydrogen treatment. Attendees posed numerous technical and regulatory questions, fostering a productive dialogue about the future of hydrogen energy.

“I’m thrilled to present to such a proactive audience said Evertse. It’s only through industry-wide collaboration that we can solve these challenges”.

The event featured contributions from TU Delft, SwitcH2, and PosHYdon, each detailing their progress and challenges in offshore hydrogen.

The H2Makers Meet-Up underscored the importance of cross-sector collaboration and continuous learning in advancing offshore hydrogen production.